Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Newsday-Tuesday - Crazy Japanese Technology

So I found two stories about technology stuff from Japan. I'm not sure which is weirder. The first one is about a female robot fashion model. I would like to point out that this is usually the first step towards giant robots destroying Tokyo in your typical anime movie. Careful Japan!

The second is this bizarre Karaoke mic that is supposed to be for singing discretely. The rationale is that walls are thin in a lot of apartments in Japan and thus people have been hesitant to have crazy karaoke sing-a-long parties... until now. What pray tell is the motive to sing karaoke if you can't actually hear it? You might as well just lip sync and save yourself the money.

Anyway, I thought those were interesting/funny. Hopefully you agree. :) Everyone be on the look out for robotic doppelgangers with trendy threads and people singing really bad karaoke really quietly.


  1. The karaoke mic wins hands down. That thing is... disturbing. Far moreso than a bog standard creepy catwalking robot lady, thats pretty much par for the course :)

  2. Well Brian, I think my husband might get that mike for me for when I drink a little too much Guinness and get into the karaoke...might save him the pain of a cochlear implant down the road...and I'm sure the neighbours will be happy.haha

    That thing is hysterical!


  3. Glad the mic gave you guys a laugh. :)