Monday, March 2, 2009

A Fairytale Unfinished

I have a midterm on Wednesday so I've been busy studying for that tonight. Blech. At least one person out there liked the poem of yesterday so perhaps I'll post another today. That way I can be quick and get back to studying.

A Fairytale Unfinished

“Once upon a time,” begins the man,
A man in girth quite like a balloon,
Raspingly reciting an age old tale.
In his chair he rocks as he talks
The chair whining under his weight.

The children sit, listening
To a tale they’ve heard before.
The small room packed nearly full
Quite like a clogged artery.

The storyteller pauses,
Pulling out a handkerchief.
He blots at the beads of
Sweat on his forehead.
“The princess was trapped
Atop a high tower,”
The man moves on.

Hacking now, the man halts his story
And having freed his phlegmy throat,
“And then the brave knight
fought the fierce dragon
who guarded the princess.”

In a heartbeat the story
Flows to its close,
But today’s tale would end
Quite unlike the children have heard,
Too na├»ve to see what’s coming.

“And they all lived hap…
Fumbling the final phrase.
His head turns a dark red
As he wheezes his last.
The children, paralyzed with terror,
As the man drops with a
Breaking the silence.

A fairytale unfinished.

So there you have it. This is one of the darker ones I was warning about. I think it's kind of funny, but maybe I'm just odd. I wrote it for a class and was complimented on my use of alliteration and foreshadowing. Ha!

Bah, ok, now back to studying "the phenomena of fluid motions." I assure you all it's highly exciting material.


  1. First thought I had was George Bush reading to the children on 9-11...I've always wondered, did he finish reading that story after they whispered the news in his ear. Dark.

  2. Hey again, haha. I was randomly looking through blogs using the "next blog" toolbar at the top of blogspot pages. I found one blog that I really liked and wanted to see who else was following it. I decided to click through that blog's "followers" and found your site...I liked it, haha