Wednesday, February 18, 2009

work done, work needed... work later?

So my midterm today went well I think. I'm not sure if I did the reaction equilibrium assumption right, but I doubt anyone likely to read this would even know what that means. The class is reaction kinetics.

I did some research today after my midterm. (I do research on genetically modified tissue cell culture.) I had to rinse sterilizing reagent off of a micro-bioreactor plate and had to seed mouse embryonic stem cells into a larger flask so we can grow more of them. (These particular cells have been modified to glow when they are sick. We still have to make sure they are working properly though.)

I worry that I won't have enough research done to graduate on time. I have found it hard to be motivated and have good time management with my projects when it's just me working on it. The project with the stem cells is with a group of people though, so that has been a little better.

I hope to spend this evening catching up some on my homework and also to organize the data from a previous experiment so I can show it to my advisor. Part of me wants to just go home and sleep though. I was up late studying. I have about an hour until I have my next class. I'm going to go play some web games for a while I think.

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