Thursday, February 19, 2009

critical mass

So the amount of procrastination I have done lately has gotten me to the point that I have about 20 things that I really should do today and about 6 that I absolutely HAVE to do. Luckily some of the things are easy, but others suck, like writing 3 papers and doing 2 homework problem sets. :( I really wish I wouldn't put stuff off until it gets this bad.

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  1. Hi again, i know exactly how you feel! I am a HUGE procrastinator and sometimes i end up in the same boat with my work. The key word is: orginization...something that were all not too fond of haha. But it's the only way to try and take some of the load off before it gets too overwhelming. Try setting specific dates for when you will do each assignment. It's worked for me a couple times...but most of it has to do with your attitude - so get it done! haha

    Hope all goes well!