Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today was kind of a lazy Saturday. I worked on homework some and I want to be able to do something fun tomorrow so I have more work to do still. Minutes ago I learned that I now have stuff to grade as well, ugh.

Aside from homework the one other productive thing I did today was pick up a prescription. When I went out it was raining and I saw a man carrying his umbrella at his side, unopened. Seemed odd he didn't use it.

Less productively but more fun, I had milk and cookies today. The cookies were the premade just-throw-in-the-oven ones, but they were alright.

Ok, I should get back to my homework. Send me productive vibes. ;)


  1. mmm looks get your butt to work! haha You know you can do it, just have to set your mind to it!

    Yeah, the long distance thing can be hard, but i am glad that article gave you a bit of confidence :-) Hope it goes well!

  2. Small bites, every day..and I don't mean the cookies. get to work.

    Oh and chipotle, I think it's a mixture of several spices and it does have a "heat" element(no pun intended) but it also adds flavour so yeah, it's my "go to" spice for chili and Mexican foods, taco, burrito, beans and rice etc.


  3. Sometimes the less productive the day, the more productive it seems - a chance to relax. btw, I often walk in the rain with my umbrella by my side. Light rain is okay, most people seem scared of it, like they're going to melt or something. Heavy rain, the umbrella is good in the city. I used to live in the Peruvian jungle, there an umbrella was useless; a 15 hour walk from home to the nearest village (Pilcopata) you got wet, fact of life, there were nine rivers to cross and no bridges.

    Thanks for following my Fizz blog.