Friday, February 27, 2009

Shandygaff and Jambalaya

Well, the week is over. Today was a long day and I was glad to come home, have a nice Shandygaff and some jambalaya. I had a bunch of stuff with my research to do. There was a mishap with our newly modified mouse embryonic stem cells. The coating on the plate wasn't right so they weren't growing. The other girls that work with those cells with me were busy and I had stuff to do in the lab with my own project anyway so I did all of it. I have a growth kinetics experiment that I could have started today had I prepped for it yesterday, but I didn't, and now I've missed the window so I'll probably have to wait until like Tuesday or Wednesday. I have an exam next work and two projects to work on as well. Always busy.


  1. Yes! You are right in the fact that everything connects in the corporate world. Yes, consumer's demand lower prices, which causes corporations to invest in poor regions like Mumbai. However, these are multi million and billion dollar corporations. They can afford to pay Americans but would rather get 15 poor people to work for the price of 1. That's called greed. And big corporations have no problem doing this, especially when they can get away with it. Because people want cheaper products, it makes it seem ok for corporation to do this. And not to mention, places like India are so over-populated that anyone there is wiling to do almost anything even if they only make 25 cents an hour. Big corporations take advantage of this. It's all about money in the end....

    I should also mention that i love jambalaya. I love spicy food! Do you cook a lot?

  2. Your right, i agree. It's also nice to see that you cook your own meals when you can. But that's another story to go into - the fast food industry haha. I also am really into food. I always thought it would be neat to open up my own restaurant one day.