Friday, April 3, 2009

Exalted RPG: Judgment

So in my most recent Exalted RPG session we switched to a different Storyteller and also allowed a lot of game world time to pass. Yesterday's post details part of what my character did over the break, and introduces a new character (the mouseman Lunar Exalted, Li).

So a long time ago our characters encountered a powerful Solar Exalted named Bringer who was possessed by an evil, spirit-eating sword named Judgment that is bent on breaking into heaven and laying waste to all the "slothful" gods. (As my character Leggit works for Heaven, he knows that this means essentially all of them, heh.) Bringer claims to have an army assembled in an underwater city and that he is nearly ready to assault Heaven. We wrote Bringer off as a nutjob, though admittedly he did kill a bunch of the giant shark spirits we were trying to befriend. Leggit filed a report in Heaven about him anyway, and Light, the Solar Exalted in our group, arranged a meeting with him for a year later in hopes that he'd learn a way to free Bringer from the sword in the meantime.

Well, a year went by and Bringer didn't show. He did however show up on our hidden island and nearly killed one of our friends. Needless to say, now it's personal. Leggit goes up to Heaven to follow up on his initial report and finds out that Bringer, Judgment, and a giant underwater city disappeared from the loom of fate sometime ago. Bringer's story about an army in an underwater city suddenly seems a lot more credible.

So our group goes out to a black jade trading island near where the underwater city is supposed to be and we investigate. It seems there has been a sudden increase in black jade demand. (Black jade can be used to make magical armor, just what you'd want if you were equipping an army to assault Heaven.) Leggit uses a Charm, Serendipitous Voyage, to ensure that a vessel arriving on the island sometime in the next day will be fated to head to the underwater city. We stopped there, so hopefully next session we'll get to the city and lay the smackdown on Bringer and his army!

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